Saturday, 16 November 2013

Lucky 7 Eve

I hope you are taking full advantage of this weekend and it's incredible weather! I sure am. :)

After running a few errands after work today, I snuck in a quick run before dinner. Something about running after work and decompressing from the day is just therapeutic to me. Especially on a Friday. ;)

The Run
4.1 miles (6.5 km)
31:35 minutes
7:42 avg. pace/mile (4:47 avg. km)

This morning I had to stop by my local mechanic's place to get my, brace yourself........snow tires on. :(  I know. I'm not ready for winter either.

I took Lola with me and we walked home together for 1 mile.  I have to tell you that this section of the trail is where I fell last winter and bonked my head off of the ice. Oh yeah, in the dark. You don't even have to tell me how stupid that was. I was trying to take a short cut so that I wouldn't miss Coronation Street. Smooth.  Anyway, my point is that they got rid of the bumpy and cracked up asphalt and have replaced it with crushed gravel. :) 
 After that, Courteney and I headed down to Race Kit Pick up to get our team's gear. Race expos make me happy. That may be because I always leave with something else besides my bib.......see polka dot bag below. ;)  One of the volunteers loved my Sweaty Girl bag so much she tried to persuade many other runners to buy one. I think it worked since I heard later in the day that they were all out! That's some fine marketing right there. :)
Once I arrived home, I decided to hit up the trail for an easy 4 mile run. I was debating a run all morning.  And finally, Running won! I wore my PEI marathon sneakers and am giving my 'race day' sneakers for the Relay a Rest day.

The Run
4 miles (6.4km)
32 minutes
8:02 avg. pace/mile (5 min km)
Yep, Lola was just like this when I got home from my run.  Lazy girl. <3
Post-run I headed to Target.....or in other words, Did my new favourite thing for a Saturday afternoon.  This could very well be because they have my drug of choice: Starbucks. ;) I was super excited when I got a bangin' deal on a new winter parka! Like try 40% off!!! Also, see picture below for Christmas gift idea.  {cough....Matt}. 
Well, off I go to fuel up for tomorrow's Relay. I'm running Leg 3 and each leg is 7km.  I somehow ran it last  year in 30 min 55 sec?!?! Wish me luck for tomorrow!
And yes, the Swift Bloggers WILL be wearing Tutus! ;)
Happy Running,
Heather :)  


  1. Have a great race tomorrow as we know you will!!!!!

  2. PS....Target should really have a frequent buyer program for you!!

  3. Dude, i was at target today too! It was my first time. I left with running pants. Lol see ya tomorrow!