Monday, 25 November 2013

Long Run and Toque Time!

I can't believe I didn't do a post on Sunday Runday! Please forgive me. :)

My day was spent Running, Eating and Working until way too late......story of my life. ;)  Of course I'm referring to the eating part.

I fuelled up with a Starbucks Blonde roast coffee and oatmeal with blue/black berries and Qia cereal mix thrown in.  I recently read in Runner's world that Oatmeal with Strawberries will power  you on a long run. I did not have strawberries. :( 

Gearing up today took some careful planning. It was blowing a Gale once again combined with frigid temperatures due the wind chill. Brrrr. I layered up with wicking material fabrics. Base layer, outer layer, wind-breaking shell, ear warmer, thermo mizuno running tights, compression socks, and the best mittens/gloves that $$$ can buy from the running room. They cost me an arm and a leg, but totally worth the investment. You can prop the outer layer over your fingers to turn them from mittens to gloves. They also have a reflective strip for nighttime runs. My paws never get cold with these! I also like to wear my shades even when it isn't sunny in the Winter. It keeps the wind from making me cry a river on the run.  Cold Breeze + my eyes = tear fest!

On the run fuel included two Gu gels: Salted Caramel (My favourite) and Vanilla bean (second favourite). I only used one on the run though. I also carried two nuun waters and two Gatorade. I only used three of the four fluid bottles. The cold air will do that to you.
As I said, the day was totally crisp with a noticeable breeze of Arctic air. I tried to keep the run in the sheltered trail for as long as I could. I did the Greenwood loop for about 3.1 miles and the remaining miles were in the trail.

The Run
16 miles (25.6 km)
2 hrs 13 minutes
8:22 avg. pace/mile (5:12 avg. km)

It was Heidi's shower on Sunday so Courteney and I headed on over together. I was totally amazed at the size of Heidi's baby bump! This girl looks amazing and has been working out throughout her entire pregnancy! There's nothing idle about her hide. ;)

I recommend that every long run be refuelled and recovered by attending a baby shower!  I could actually feel my glycogen levels replenishing. ;)
We were also very lucky to get some Kettle Corn for the road. :)

Toque Time
Yep. This just happened tonight. I broke out the toque for the first time this season. I probably could have run in just my Lulu ear warmer, but with those sharp breezes, I wasn't taking any chances. I like to braid my hair to prevent matting on the back of my head when I run in a toque. I have made the mistake of just putting it in a low pony and after a long run, de-tangling becomes somewhat of a challenge. :S

Christmas lights are popping up everywhere already! I refuse to put mine up until at least mid-December. They do look pretty though. :) 
I had no intentions of going far, fast or hard tonight. After yesterday's 16 mile run, I wanted to make sure I kept my muscles, tendons and bones happy. :)  I felt pretty good on the run even with the persistent head wind that just wouldn't let up!
The Run
3.66 miles (5.85 km)
30 min 14 sec
8:16 avg. pace/mile (5:08 avg. km)
Nothing says recovery and warmth like this Taco Soup Recipe! :)  Yummo! I am forever thankful that the Hungry Runner Girl posted this recipe. :)
It is totally past my bedtime now so I'm off. But thanks for dropping by GGR on this frosty evening.
Stay warm & Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. 16 Miles in that frigid weather, how do you do it!

  2. Okay, if I ever run up north, I will be checking out this post to make sure I have all my cold-weather gear in order ;)

    1. So many things to think about when running in the cold :)