Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Flurry of a Run

First off, who doesn't Love a long weekend!? Monday is Remembrance Day here in Canada, so please take some time to remember. :) and to get some miles in. ;)
Here's how my week went in Running.

Tuesday  you can see my recap here.

Tonight I ran out to a pizza place nearby and back for a crisp 10km. No I did not stop in for a slice, despite how great it smelled. Note to self: charge LED vest before each run! I lost power about halfway into the run. 30 minutes of charge time = 1hr of light. :D

The Run
6.2 miles
49 minutes
7:55 avg. pace/mile

After the run, I came home and foam rolled my legs to pieces.
A super rainy and breezy run with tropical November. ?  But I'll take it. I remembered to charge my vest and it was certainly worth the investment tonight with the poor visibility conditions for drivers!

The Run
5 miles
8:07 avg. pace/mile

R-E-S-T: if you can call it A busy day teaching 6 and 7 year olds certainly does not qualify as 'Rest' in my books. ;)

Today (Saturday)
We have snow flurries today! It flurried the entire time I ran. A very beautiful run indeed. I could literally post 25 pictures that I took on the run today alone right now, but I won't don't
I have no idea how to do a decent Selfie......sorry, lol.

Yes, the trail is still as gorgeous as ever.  I'm sad you can't see any of the little snow flakes that were falling. :( No worries, I'm sure in time, I'll be posting pictures of this place completely covered in the white stuff.
 I ended up running 8 miles in total and saw many many other runners! That makes me smile. I am wearing my brand new Road ID from Courteney today. It's on my right foot. Thanks!
The Run
8 miles
1 hr 5 min
8:09 avg. pace/mile
I came home from my run and suffered through foam rolling as well as a very shaky 2 minute plank.....I really need to build my strength back up, lol.

I'm off to get my weekend fix of Starbucks now. :D I love when you visit GGR. Stop by anytime! ;)

Happy Running,
Heather :)
The Lucky 7 Relay is in 8 days!!!


  1. Love your posts! I had a good modified gym workout this morning. I am finding my regular old squats to be getting more difficult. Haha, it's too funny to see the glances at my belly at the gym.
    Today would have been a great running day, I'm getting out tomorrow morning for a little run:)

    1. Thanks Heidi! There is nothing idle about your hide!!!! ;) LOL. I sometimes wonder how you came up with that name? It's awesome!

  2. Love the jacket you are wearing. Today was a beautiful day on the trail for sure....wish our group had seen you!!

    Tomorrow I might try the crossfit workout scheduled with the group.

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

    1. Today was a great day for a run! I saw one group doing the cross fit today. :)

  3. I love that you had tropical weather and then snow flurries in the same week. I'm so jealous of your runs! I'm tempted to run my half tomorrow even though I'm still sick. I miss running so much!

    1. Yes our weather is super wonky here!

      I understand your feelings completely! I ran a full marathon last fall with a 'cold.' After the race, I went through two rounds of antibiotics and was put on a puffer! The doctor pretty much lectured me and said, "Heather, you should NEVER run a marathon when you're sick!" He didn't care that I had trained for 18 weeks leading up to it. :S LOL. I'm going to suggest that you don't even though you want to extremely badly. Your body will thank you. :)

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