Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Welcome October!

Happy October!
I absolutely L-O-V-E October and all of the Fall-i-days that come along with it. First thing I did this morning was flip my calendar over to the new month and look what I spotted! PEI is now showing in less than 3 weeks.........eek! 

I had to put in this little sketch of Lola I did with my Early Literacy group this morning, lol.  They asked a million and one questions about her when we did this!

I knew my 5 mile easy run tonight would be a soggy one. We have had rain for every single second of this day.  No joke.  It hasn't let up a bit.  I decided to use an older set of ear buds for my music on the run tonight in case they got wet. I stand firm on my belief that untangling ear buds should be an Olympic sport!  Grrr.........at least it gives me a warm up, ;)
My run tonight was brought to you by this video shown on the Johnny Miles Facebook page today:
Wow!  I'm pretty sure this video will be added to my 'Favourites' for those days when I cannot seem to drag my butt out the door to run and would rather curl up on the couch. I like to call this "Motivation in 3:25 minutes!"  Nike never disappoints with their commercials. How do they do it? 
Tonight I actually wore my running jacket for the first time in what feels like forever!  I figured I'd get soaked and cold during the first mile if I didn't wear it. As it turns out, it kept me pretty warm/dry-ish throughout the whole run.  Rain wasn't teaming down my face or anything, but it was a steady shower for the entire time. 
I stayed along the main roads tonight running on the sidewalks. I felt pretty good considering the weekend that was chalked full of running and racing.  :) Running in the dark in the pouring down rain is pretty cool actually. I literally had the streets to myself and I felt as though I was gliding over the sidewalk. 
The Run
5 miles
39:32 minutes
7:54 Avg. pace/mile
Tempo Tune
My repeat song for this evening's run was a new one to me....that I really love.  It's City and Colour's "Fragile Bird." You must give this song a listen. It feels really cool to listen/run to. :) I hope you like it.
Well, it's time for bed. I have no races this weekend, just my regular training runs as a part of the tapering down in preparation for the marathon. Therefore, I plan on getting as much rest as I can.  :)
What is your favourite thing about Fall?
Do you like running in the rain?
Happy Running,
Heather :)
The PEI Marathon is in 19 days!!!  


  1. Love the surprise face in the selfie....I LOL'd. :;-) Favorite thing about fall? The colors of the leaves and front porch decorations...need to get me some pumpkins!!!!

    1. I just got my pumpkins on Monday.....I love them! The trail is beginning to look beautiful also now. :)

  2. Fall here right now is 20+ degrees...ran in a tank top and shorts last night...I can't wait for cooler temps!! It's going to be a wet run for me this evening but 18 degrees so I'm not complaining. I noticed that your marathon is the same day as my run...Cape to Cabot!!! Pumpkin shopping is on my agenda for this weekend! :)

    1. I didn't realize that our races were on the same day! :)

      My run tonight was more like a July evening. It was super hot and humid yet again, on October 2nd!!!

  3. THAT VIDEO. Gah. Love it so much. It's also extremely fitting given my lack of self discipline lately with getting up early to run. Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

    1. That video was my source of motivation yet again this evening! :) I admire your ability to get up super early to run. :)

  4. it was pourrrrring that night! Ever since then it's been gorgeous though. I can't believe PEI is so close!

    1. Haha...it was kind of pouring....I agree. I find that once you're out in it, you don't really notice...lol.