Saturday, 5 October 2013

Runs, Planks, Chilli and Rest

Happy Wonderful Weekend everyone

I am truly relieved that this weekend contains no, I repeat, no racing for me. :) I DO love to run, but I am honestly looking forward to a weekend of easy training runs and not rushing to a start line of any race. I say that because I actually dreamt last night that I was running the Blue Nose full marathon and was down near the expo in a swarmed crowd of people unable to get to the start line....which I wasn't even sure of the start time...LOL.  As I woke up I could still feel the panic in my body from the dream that felt super real.

Who else has dreams related to being late for a race? 

My Wednesday evening run was a scheduled 8 miler. It was very super warm that day and humid still at night.  As you can clearly see I wore my reflective vest again.  :) During the first mile I immediately regretted wearing a t-shirt as opposed to a tank!

I was determined to make chilli that night for dinner so I chopped veggies in my running gear. I like to call this "The Multi-tasking Runner." :D

 The Run
8 miles
1 hr 3 min
7:58 Avg. Pace/mile
The Face  <3 that welcomed me

The Chilli :D
I piled in loads of beans, chick peas, bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, onions and garlic along with some extra lean beef. Add a few spices and some sauce and Voila! It made tons but was super tasty!

A very tough 5 miler tonight.  I was super tired and my legs were toast! I prevailed though and got it done. :)

The Run
5 stale
38:45 minutes
7:45 Avg. Pace/mile

I was annoyed at my run so I made myself plank when I got in.  I made it for a whopping 2 min 27 sec....yes that it sarcasm! LOL. 

and of course I welcomed........

With a glorious rest day. :) 

I hope you're having a fabulous weekend and are enjoying some mile time on the roads. If you have been looking for my formerly known as "Mile Counter," I have sad news that the text gadget where I'd been storing my miles virtually is no longer working for some reason that I haven't figured out.  If you are curious about my mileage for the month and year you can check on my home page underneath the page "Smiley Miles."

Thanks for stoppin' in.

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I made chilli this week must be the cooler weather!! I'm relieved not to be toeing a start line as well. Next weekend!
    Enjoy your taper time!!

    1. It has to be the cooler temps! I also bought supplies for a few soups in to make in the food processor as well. :)

  2. haha we should have had a chili cook out because I made chili two nights ago! It's such a yummy fall dinner.

    Umm, I've had those dreams the night before races and they are panicky!

    1. OMG....that is too funny!

      Those 'late' dreams are nasty. I was thinking about it all day on and So weird!

  3. I LOVE chili, especially homemade! Yours looks awesome!

    1. Homemade chilli is awesome, I agree. I was thinking not to post the pic since I wasn't happy with the way it photographed, lol.

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