Friday, 13 September 2013

Sunset 5k


I say that knowing full well that tomorrow's wake up will be probably earlier than I rise throughout the work week......Oh the things we do for running.

After work today, I high-tailed it home to walk Lola and get ready for tonight's 5k run.  It was raining cats and dogs here all day and continues to pour as I type. Therefore, I knew that this would indeed be a wet run. 

A race being held during a Tropical Storm surely calls for some trash-bag attire. ;) I have to admit, this did the trick! 

Courteney was so lovely to be my race photographer. :)  Not to mention her and Matt coming to cheer me on in the rain and I am in this crew of runners, somewhere.

At the sound of the gun I knew I wasn't going to run like a speed demon, although this is tricky to do since the crowd tends to pull you along.  I was frozen stiff when we began.  I didn't do a typical warm up, at all.  After the first mile though, I was good to go.  My body felt very fresh after not running for two days.
The course was super flat and there were actually quite a few spectators out cheering. Many were seeking dryness in Bus Shelters which I thought was a super idea!

 Here I come! Chugging

 Nearing the finish............

 All done! 22:38. :)  40/1245 and 4/305 in my division!

 How cool is this medal!?

I foam rolled, ate pasta and showered.  Now I'm off to bed! Remember, I'm running a 1/2 Marathon in the a.m.!!! :0

Wish me luck!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I love that medal!! I wish I could run a 5k that fast. I love running in the rain!!

  2. Glad you didn't float away! Good luck this morning!!

  3. They have the most amazing medals, good job! We were driving home from the States and it was absolutely pouring down, I was thinking of you running!

  4. Love the pic of you not touching the ground with your are truly flying!!!