Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sticky Humid 20 Miler

Happy Sunday Runday everyone!

Today was my second 20 mile run of this marathon training cycle. It was 2 minutes faster than my previous one, and I have no idea how that happened.  Especially since today felt like a zillion degrees more hotter! 

We had a very warm beautiful sunny day yesterday and by mid-afternoon I really felt the humidity rise.  This morning it was even worse.  There was a strong breeze though, which I welcomed, even when I was running into it.  Uphill.  (Yeah, it was that humid).  Enough complaining.

I definitely saw 5+ baby snakes on the trail today.....eww! I think that the rising temperatures these past few days are confusing them and that they {the snakes}should go away, like now. 

I felt overall physically very good today though.  I ran in my purple pro compression socks and yes, I did get very strange looks from people driving  I wore them because my legs are still not fully recovered from last Saturday's race along with all the other running I did throughout the week. Not to mention yesterday's 10 mile run.

I ran mostly on the streets today. There were many rolling hills and when I do a run like this, as opposed to the flat trail, I feel that much stronger.  After about 8 miles I went into the trail to seek some wasn't that plentiful in there.  :(  I returned to the roads again after the 11 mile mark or so.  And finally for my last 4 miles, which were dreadful since all I did was think about liquids I wanted to drink, I ran them on my way home in the trail again.  I even thought about how great it would be to fill my bathtub with yellow Gatorade and drink it with a straw. I was THAT thirsty!   Gatorade, Pineapple Coconut water and nuun water saved the day when I got home! That along with 3 huge slices of watermelon this is. :D

The Run
20 miles
2 hrs 54 min
8:43 Avg. pace/mile
Yep. I was zonked upon my return home so I sat in my sweaty clothes for possibly 15 minutes or so before heading to the shower.  I was even too lazy to reach over to grab the nuun 
After showering for so long that my skin began to wrinkle (see picture below, lol), I remembered that I bought these bad boys at Target yesterday! Day was made. :)
I thoroughly enjoyed my candy corn with a Chocolate Chip Cookie flavoured coffee....yum!  In case you're wondering, I DID drink all those bottles of fluid on the run.

Once I had completed hours of school work post-run, :S  I remembered I needed to go to the Farmer's Market to pick up fruit for the week.  Lola and I headed over there, and that's when my life changed!
Yes there were angels singing.  I will be totally indulging in this after dinner tonight. ;) 

I hope you have had an excellent weekend and took some time to R & R (of course I mean Run & Recover)  haha.  Thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy Running,
Heather :)
FYI: Next Saturday is the Run or Dye Colour Run and I also have the Rum Runner's Relay that same day!!!


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    1. Thanks! It felt awful, but I'm happy with it. :)

  2. I want to know how that baby tastes!!

    1. very lite and whippy.....if that makes any sense! LOL

    2. It does make sense!