Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mid-Week Catch Up

Hey everyone!

I am trying my best to keep my posts updated since my return to full-time work.  I sincerely enjoy blogging about my running and training. Also, I love connecting with you guys through your comments, feedback and questions. So even though I'm exhausted tonight, I made time to do something that I love. :)

Racing literally tears my muscles apart and sends my body into a sluggish state of deep overall fatigue.  And I love it! I truly race with all my heart, which is quite evident in the day(s) following a hard effort run/race. I was very ambitious today and decided that when I got home from work, I'd do a workout.  However as the work day went on, I realized that my body was stiffening up from all the running over the weekend.  Therefore, I took a Rest day to allow for recovery. It was kind of nice and I felt like I really earned it.

My legs felt awesome today!  I had a very solid run with some speedy intervals intertwined into my run.  I started out at an easy pace and gradually increased it.  Taking a Rest day does work people!

The Run
5 miles
7:36 Avg. pace/mile

All day long I was thinking about my run for tonight.  It was 10 miles!  My mind wandered back to the days this past winter when I was training for Boston and would have to run 10 miles in the snow, and possibly ice. :S  Today was warm and sunny.......quite the contrast.

After last night's hard run, I knew tonight I'd run easy.  I ran in the subdivisions around my neighbourhood, which have a few rolling hills.

The Run
10 easy miles
1 hr 22 min
8:12 Avg. pace/mile
When I got home, I fuelled up with a pineapple orange protein shake.
I used................
  • one banana
  • one orange
  • 3/4 frozen pineapple chunks
  • one scoop of whey protein powder
  • 3 teaspoons of chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup coconut almond milk
  • a splash of water
  • Enjoy!
I'll leave you with a few shots from Maritime Race Weekend. Super sorry I uploaded them before cropping. :S  I am really happy with my choice of compression socks for the race. ;)  

If you look behind me in the below right pic, you can see Paul as he slowed down to let me have the glory. :)

 Below is from Friday night's 5k.  Apparently running in the wind and rain makes me smile???

Thanks again for visiting GGR. Hope to see you on the roads!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Great job on your training runs Heather!!! You seem to recover very quickly considering the awesome racing you did on the weekend. Thanks for the update, always look forward to the read for inspiration since I am also in same training weeks as you are. Also been following Hals plans for last three Marathons, currently training for BayState Marathon in Lowell Massachusetts same weekend as your PEI Marathon, which I have done last two years.

    1. Thanks so much Enrique! I love Hal Higdon's plans. I like his 'hard/easy' approach and I think that is what works best for my body.

      Around this point in my training, my appetite is soaring! I think choice of food aids in recovery for sure.

      Good luck at BayState! :)

  2. Love your marathon photos and am jealous that I only had 1. :-( You're doing great and you're going to rock PEI!!!!!

    1. Thanks Courteney!

      I appreciate your boost of confidence in me for PEI. I sure know I can use :)

  3. We saw you running last night:) I agree with'll rock PEI!

    1. Oh no! LOL.....I felt super slow and sluggish last night! haha.

      Thanks Heidi!