Saturday, 14 September 2013

Maritime Race Weekend 1/2 Marathon

Today was a great day to race!

Gabrielle finally took a hike and we were left with cloudy drizzle for this morning's race. :)  My kind of weather. 

At 5:30 a.m. I woke up to Robin Thicke saying, "Errr body get up!"  Yes, blurred lines is my wake up song....LOL. 

After having my oatmeal with chia seeds along with my coffee, we headed over to Eastern Passage for the second part of my Tartan Twosome.  Matt was running in the Full Marathon today for his 12th full!

When we arrived at the race site, Courteney was there, so of course a mini-photo shoot was held. :D

I always, I repeat always, drink too much water on the morning of a race. You do the math when it comes to bladder capacity. :S  I got in the port-a-pottie line at seven thirty and was still standing there at 7:50 when the race organizers came over and told myself along with the, hmmm probably 50 something people AHEAD of me that we were not going to be on time for the start of the race if we proceeded to wait.  :0  Therefore, I made the tough decision to not get left behind.  My warm up consisted of me running from the port-a-pottie line to the start line........good times.
Go Time. RUN!
After completing the Sunset 5k last night, I was at least familiar with the first 1.5 miles of the route, :D Flat and by the coast. After we passed the part where the 5k'ers turn around to head home, we were directed to head left. Fine I said. And kept running. Up. a. very long. hill.  I recalled this hill from last year's Coastal 10k race and remembered that eventually, I would get to run DOWN cette hill. :) Eventually.
I was feeling really good today.  My body felt strong and taking two days rest prior to yesterday's 5k run was a very good choice.  Thanks to Hashem who straight out told me to do so. :) My legs felt super fresh. 
The race quickly thinned out after the before mentioned hill. I was alone for much of the race. A few guys were running near me for a few miles and then precisely at the 10k mark, I felt a very frustrating thing happening. Loose shoe, which meant you know what: Strings untied!!! This is the absolute first time ever in the history of my running days that I had to stop in a race to TIE MY SHOE! Of course I fumbled at first and had to redo it....GRR! LOL.  When I was done I just got back up and ventured to the top of another mountain, I mean hill. ;) 
If it weren't such a foggy day, I bet the view would have been spectacular.  The sound of the crashing waves was super cool.  I heard them last night as well and I realized that this is the first run I've ever had were I actually heard waves crashing.  Very neat. I saw surfers heading down with their boards too which was cool.
Then the race got tough for me. At 7.8 miles I took a gel and downed some Gatorade. I started to fade.  I was still trying hard, it was just getting tougher to meet my splits to do 1:40.  Once I hit 10 miles I started to get a second wind and I decided to get to work to finish it off.  I started to see more spectators appearing in their driveways and along the race course.  I get very motivated from the cheers of random strangers who read my name off of my bib. :) 
With one mile to go I began the self-coaching phrase, "It's just a mile. Just a mile. Just. a. mile." I was exhausted and my legs were feeling a lot like Jello.  Then at around 12.6 miles a guy appears and says, "Hey girl."  It was Paul! Paul is the guy whose relatives I stayed with at the Boston Marathon. It was cool to run with Paul to the finish and to see our friend Nick volunteering as a course marshal as we headed down to the last 0.1 of a mile.
Paul was such a gentlemen as he slowed down and said, "Go for it!" When the finish line was in sight. I ran with all my heart to cross it. 

 Official time: 1hr 40min 6 sec.  I was third female overall and first in my age division! :D

When you are finished at Maritime Race Weekend you get to eat ice cream. Yes ice cream! I had Strawberry Daiquiri. mmmm!
After stuffing my face with ice cream and chocolate milk, I went to wait for and cheer Matt as he completed his Full Marathon.  Way to go Matt! #12 is in the bag. :)

Another perk of running in the Maritime Race Weekend is all of the sweet bling you receive.  You get a medal if you take part in the Sunset 5k (Friday evening) and a medal for your choice of race on Saturday (5k, 10k, 1/2 or Full Marathon), PLUS a separate medal for finishing the Twosome! This medal is also a belt buckle...very cool. You may not want to wear your clanking bling to any Libraries or Movie Theatres though. ;)

5 reasons to wear neon compression socks, other than the obvious Cool Factor:
1. Girls at the start line talking near you about how they "love those socks!"
2. Be easily identifiable to spectators, traffic and friends
3. Fellow runners along the course tell you that they "can see your socks from space!"
4. A man at the finish area telling you that he "followed those socks for 12k and then they disappeared," and finally........
5. Let's face it: We all know neon makes us run faster ;)

And here's a pic of Lola just because. :) She patiently waited for us to arrive home by napping on my Yoga mat.

Tomorrow being Sunday and all, I do plan to run. I am just not sure what distance I will be covering. I do know that it will be an easy peesy pace! ;)
Thanks for reading my recap! I love when you visit. :)
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Nice finish!! Glad you had good races. :)

  2. I love those socks! Good job on the race, Heather!

  3. Great job!! I think I saw you - very briefly, of course as you going blazing fast ;) - I was helping marshal the course, and I will forever wear neon on race day. Runners wearing anything else disappeared on the road in that fog, and it just seemed like a disaster waiting to happen being an open course.

    1. OMG.....where were you marshalling? I would have liked to have met you. :)

      It sure was foggy! I quickly lost sight of people who were running in front of me. :S

  4. Congrats!!! I also get my second wind around 10 miles usually. Mile 9 is always my hardest. I don't know if I could've started to run without a bathroom stop first!

    1. Thanks! It sure was a mental battle to run without a nature break ;) It wasn't too bad though as I didn't need to go that badly....TMI??? LOL.

      Yeah, I don't know what it is about those miles 8-10. I think I then require mental strength as well as the physical to pull me along....that's where it gets tough!