Sunday, 25 August 2013

Weekend Recap & New Race

You're about to read my weekend recap of running + miscellaneous happenings. :D 

Tempo  Tune
Firstly I will get you started with a new addition to my 'Tunes I Dig' page. This is where I've been listing songs on my current running playlist so that you can refer to them if you are searching for tunes. You're welcome!

This was my 'Repeat Song' for both runs this weekend. I'd play it over and over until I decided it wasn't normal to just listen to the same song for 7-8 times over. It's Beach Dream by Jets Overhead. This is the perfect Summer running song!

Do you repeat songs?

Today I wanted to explore another running route, as opposed to the handy dandy trail I live so close by. I feel like I need to incorporate some hillier routes into my training, so I decided to run along the town's main road heading out towards the highway. No, I did not run along the

There is a 3 mile benchmark where all the crazy fast cars turn to go onto the major highway so I decided to veer right and head into a local subdivision that I usually only run in during the winter months when the trail is ice and snow covered. It was kind of strange seeing the houses with green lawns and flowers outside!

The weather was sunny with a bit of a breeze. The humidity was quite low so I was feeling good. I managed to run 8 miles or so before my legs started begging for mercy.  Then I ran the last mile and a half along the trail and headed towards home for a total of 10 fabulous miles! :)

The Run
10 miles
1 hr 24 min
8:23 pace

Matt suggested that we should head out for dinner tonight and I strongly protested......not! It's nice to get someone else to do the cooking once in a while and not have to worry about the clean up! ;)

Okay, my legs were screaming at me this morning pre-run. Uh oh.  I had 19 miles to do.  I decided that slow and steady would have to be the motto for today's run. 

I ran out into the same hilly-ish subdivision first to cover about 8 miles in total. Then I proceeded to the shaded flat gravel trail for the rest of the run. That's when I saw Courteney and later Nadia!

It was quite a bit warmer today than yesterday, and I was not liking that. I wore my visor to shield out the sun and took along 4 bottles of fluids.  By 17 miles, I was all out. :(  Then the dreaming of everything in my house that I could drink happened.  :S  Matt called me at 18.6 miles and I'm pretty sure he thought I was  Of course he calls me when I'm out of steam AND running up the super annoying hill that's before my street. 

Overall I'm very pleased with my run. I covered the distance in a decent pace and felt pretty strong. I do have to say though that nothing humbles you as a runner like completing an uber long run!

The Run
19 miles
2 hrs 46 min
8:47 pace/mile

New Race
Erin from Swift Fox contacted Courteney from Runner Girl and myself to bring up the idea of creating a team for the Lucky 7 Relay that will be held in Halifax on November 17.  Of course we were in! We signed up right after we boggled our brains for a team name.  You're looking at the 'Swift Bloggers' right here! :)

We must have had luck on our side pun intended but I like it! ;)  Later that day, basically hours after registration, we were contacted to say that our team won a $150 gift card to the Running Room!!! That's $50 bucks each baby---cha ching!

The race organizers for the Lucky 7  Relay are also the ladies who bring the Annual Sole Sisters 5km and Maritime Race Weekend.  They are truly amazing and have the best . race . swag . ever! Plus they do frequent draws for free running shoes, hotel accommodations, running gear, etc. Head on over to United by Running and check them out!

Thanks again for visiting GGR on this beautiful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. You guys won?! That's so cool! I love the team name, it's pretty clever:) Hopefully this year it's a little warmer than last year!

    1. Yes we did! :D I am hoping for a warmer relay this year too......brr!