Friday, 30 August 2013

Tunes, Run, Muffins and Coffee

I hope you've had a spectacular week!  It's a holiday long weekend and after this weekend................I am back to work with Summer Vacation coming to an absolute end. :(  I will surely miss mid-afternoon cuddles with Lola and having the freedom to run whenever I like, although I am looking forward to a brand new school year and establishing a routine once again. :) 
What was the best part of your Summer?

Tempo Tune
Newly added to my Tunes I Dig section is Katy Perry's Roar. If it's recommended by Hungry Runner Girl it has to be awesome right?!  I feel like her and I have the same taste in music, and food.  We're secretly BFF's but she doesn't know it yet. ;)

I believe I've mentioned this before, but the Thursday easy/short run is always........I repeat.....always the hardest to get my butt out the door.  So weird. The fact that it was very windy and sideways rain didn't help 

Even Lola was saying, "No mommy, stay here and chill with me." ;) 

My Thursday run was a 5 mile Tempo pace run.  I wanted to run along the main road through town for a the opposite direction of Wednesday's run.  However, there was so much construction going on that I decided for safety reasons to stick to the flat trail.  The rain held up during the run which was great, but I wore a hat just in case. ;)

The Run
5 miles
7:40 pace/mile

After the run I did my ab workout with 8 sets of 30 reps with various core movements.  Then I worked out my arms for about 1/2 hour in total. I think I am obsessed with watching reruns of Friends during my at home strength workouts.  The early seasons are my favourite. You know, before Ross & Rachel were 'on a break.' ;)

Friday =  Rest day

On days when I have no run to do, I can eat anything I like for breakfast. :D  I usually stick to oatmeal with berries or cereal on running days just to be on the safe side. ;) Long story short, I had these waffles with all of those strawberries!!! :D  So tasty.

Obviously I couldn't let all of those strawberries go to waste, not to mention the extra time I had since I didn't have a run to do.  Therefore, I decided to make these tasty Strawberry Muffins. Okay, not to toot my own horn, but the warm one I tried straight out of the oven was y-u-m-m-y! 
On my 'rest day,' all I thought of was how badly I wanted to go for a run. Especially when I checked facebook, instagram and e-mails that are flooded with running chatter and pics. That being said, I did honour my rest day. Yay me!

Oh, I forgot to show you the cool sticky not dispenser STAPLES gave me yesterday when I was doing some 'Back to School Shopping!'  I just had to show my Teacher ID card and voila---Freebies!  Don't worry, I am going to redo my nails this weekend

Friday afternoon I had a coffee/chat about running date with Nadia.  That being said, I actually had a mint tea instead since I had already consumed 2 coffees 

We chatted for nearly 2 hours about running and other things.  The more we talked about running, the more I wanted to go run. I know, it's a rest day.  Therefore, I fought the urge, hard and did not run.  Tomorrow's run is going to rock! ;)

And lastly, I tried to do a plank this evening, even though my abs were sore from Thursday's core workout.  I managed a pathetic 2:01.............don't laugh! It was hard.

On the agenda tomorrow is a 10 miler followed by the big 20 on Sunday! Who is going to remind me to take an extra bottle of water with me on Sunday to prevent massive thirst on the run as experienced last Sunday???

I'm so happy you popped in to check out GGR. Have a beautiful evening!

Happy Running,
Heather :)
P.S. Maritime Race weekend is in 2 weeks!!!


  1. I know how hard those rest days are for you...proud that you stuck with it as you know how much your body needs that day.

    I'm going to try and get back at it this weekend...last week was a total blah week for me...need to kick my own butt!!!

    1. Good luck with your return to running! I bet this week will be better for you :)

  2. seems like you had a pretty productive summer off! I can only imagine how hard it is to go back, but for some odd reason it feels good to get back into routine...even if it is work lol

    Haha, I can't believe you're embarrassed over a 2 minute plank! That's awesome! Have a good weekend, your 20 miler is this wknd isn't it?!

    1. Oh it will be hard to get back at it......especially getting up so But, routine is good :)

      Lol.....I just feel like all the instagram pics of planks are like 3,4 and some 5 minute ones!!! I'll never see 5 min I'm certain.

      I do have a 20 miler tomorrow :0 I hope it's not as hot as last Sunday!

  3. I have runner envy. There's a few races this weekend that I wanted to do, but they are 10k's and physio says no. :( so my long run this weekend will be 6k. LOL

    I just started doing planks... I can hold it for an amazing ONE minute. ugh. LOL get to work, Erin.

    1. Oh I hate Runner's Envy! I understand completely.

      Planks are hard. My body violently shakes when it gets

      Good luck on your run Erin!

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