Sunday, 4 August 2013

Salads, Snakes and 16

I hope you are having a marvellous weekend and are getting in some run time. :)

I'm going to add in bits about  yesterday's run today since I didn't post yesterday......{someone's hot water heater needed replacing :(  }.  Oh well, I just had a very nice warm shower and am grateful for my hot water again. :)

I headed out into the trail for a steady run of 8 miles. I was running on stale legs for some reason and just couldn't get my breathing into a good rhythm with the humidity. But I got it done none the less. I didn't take my phone on the run with me and at the 4 mile turn around point I saw a slithery snake right in my path :0  I thought to myself, "Why do I always see snakes when I don't have my phone with me!?"  It must have felt my vibration since it slithered off into the bushes......ewe!

What I'm eating :)
Okay, it's been pretty much everything in my sight for the past few days.  What is up with that??? lol. So, I decided on Friday that I would try to have a 'big salad' for my lunches.  That way I'm getting a pile of veggies, not eating every carb in sight and feeling better about my nutrition. Sounds like a good plan right? ;)  Plus I get to add salty crunchy toppings too. :D
Friday's Salad                                                                                 Saturday Salad + Yogurt

Saturday's lunch after my eight miler was yes, another salad. :)  My mid-day snack may have involved some frozen vanilla greek yogurt, but no one knows for sure. ;)  I also found these tasty little things at the grocery store.  Have you tried them? They're quite scrumptious.

Today's scheduled long slow distance was 16 miles. I was a little intimidated for some reason of the distance.  I have no idea why.  I started out nice and conservative after eating my oatmeal with berries + coffee for breakfast.  The air was a bit cooler today than it has been. It did eventually warm up in the trail!

The trail was super busy with runners, cyclists, walkers, people on motorized scooters??? Lol. I don't know the proper name for them but they looked super fun. 

Every once in a while the sun would come out from behind a cloud and cause me to breathe like a panting dog, but when it was shaded I was okay. ;) 

I fuelled up at 10.5 miles with Roctane's Vanilla Orange and gulped some lemon lime Gatorade with it.  It's important to ingest your gels with liquids so that they are able to digest properly and so your body can use the carbohydrates.  Otherwise it just sits like a lump in your stomach...not fun. 

and then...................boom sha ka la ka! 14 miles in.................EEK!  Look who was waiting for me :0
You should be so  proud of me.  I actually got this close to snap this shot! I'm sorry if it's out of focus a bit, but man I was shaking!!! LOL.

The Run
16 miles
2:18 hrs:mins
8:39 pace/mile

Around 13miles into my run I began fantisizing about this bad boy that was waiting for me in my fridge.  :D I was also dreaming about everything in my house that I could drink when I got home. Dehydration makes you crazy by the way.  

I used the chopping technique demo that I saw on Run Eat Repeat's instagram video.  It was much quicker than my old traditional slicing method. Watermelon is a great way to rehydrate. It has virtually no calories and is made up of 91% water! {Source}.  I am eating a ginormous bowl of watermelon as I blog. :)

Today's threads were brought to you by the Boston Marathon expo! :)  I just love these Adidas brand shorts.  They are super lightweight and wick moisture very effectively.  They may just be next in line to replace my current Adidas ones, formerly black and now 4 years old charcoal-ish grey/black. :)

Thanks for visiting GGR.  I love when you guys show up. ;)

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I love those motorized scooters. Did you see the large group of seniors walking? I saw bunny today. And silly me...because I was thinking I was only going to do 10k, I took no fuel or water with me. You can imagine all the things I was thinking as I ran/walked towards home!!!

    1. I did see the seniors. They were by the waterfall and I saw the scooter people moments later as I headed towards the coke plant. I wonder how close you and I were in the trail? I was looking for you.

      I bet you were imagining glorious liquids too since you ran fluid-less!

  2. lol...I'm still laughing at the snake picture because I know if that was me, every ounce of adrenaline I had in me would go right through the roof. Keep the blogs coming....I've been reading all of them.