Monday, 5 August 2013

Recovery Run, Thunder and Pros

Okay, I have to say right away this 'Monday' feels exactly the way a 'Sunday' would feel.  It's definitely because of the holiday (Natal Day) we have here today.

I had planned a short 3-4 mile easy Recovery Run this morning after my walk with this one:
Lola acts all busy like she doesn't even know me when we're at the park........what a diva. Except when she wants to snuggle. <3

Anyway, back to today's run.  I headed down into the sun shiny trail amongst the swarms of people again.  See, I told you it's a holiday so everyone must have been taking advantage of the day off  + sunshine. :) 

At the 1.5 mile mark I ran into speedy Erin.  It's funny how that's our 'catch up time'  Of course we both paused our Garmins. ;) 

I headed off to the waterfall, (2 miles from home), and was feeling very good.  Considering yesterday was 16 miles I was pleased with that.  A very cute bulldog wearing a spiky collar decided he wanted to run with me for a while.  He looked super friendly and his owner had him off the leash so I giggled and kept running with him for maybe 8 seconds.  It was fun while it lasted. 

Today's Total = 6 easy miles (and no snakes!)

When I got home from the run, Miss Lola had taken over the yoga mat as her napping area.  I lay out the yoga mat so that it's there when I get home from the run to do my ab workouts.  Remember my August Goal is to do "Crunches every day?"  (Number  You will be so amazed that I have completed my crunches/ab workouts for the first 5 days of August.  Yay Me! :D

I ate a big bowl of the watermelon from yesterday, made a protein shake and proceeded to enjoy it out on the deck.  The sun was beaming and it was so lovely.  Then, all of a sudden I thought I heard a rumble of thunder???? I obviously dismissed it immediately since it was super sunny with blue skies.  Then I heard it again...............weird. 

I stood up and turned around to check out the sky and here's what I saw heading our way:

We had an afternoon of thunder rumbles which left this one, a little scared.  Let's make that ' a lot scared.'  Yes, Lola is on my lap as I'm

So, since there was thunder and not a lot on the agenda, it was a Friends Rerun kind of day with some Pro Compression.  I'll take any excuse to wear these awesome purple socks! Left Lane Sports has a huge sale on today where they have 50% off selected styles.  Let's just say, Neon Yellows are in the mail. ;)

Oh yeah, I also made a roasted chicken for supper.  :D  The smell is driving me crazy with yummy goodness. I'm so excited for dinner!
I hope your Monday kicked butt and you got to log some miles in. Tomorrow will be some speed intervals for me. I did 5 last time, therefore I'll aim for 6-7 tomorrow.  Wish me luck!
Thanks for dropping in to visit GGR ;)
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I did the same thing as you. I was staining my deck...heard a rumble...dismissed it because of the blue skies and sun...then heard it again. Weird day! Good luck with your intervals tomorrow.

    1. Thanks! Good luck at Physio tomorrow :)