Thursday, 1 August 2013

New Month, New Goals

Can you believe it's already August!? That only means one thing: My summer vacation is half over! :0

Today is the start of a new month which means new goals.  I have been reading a lot of other blogs recently who have been discussing 'goal making' and I thought it would be fitting to make some of my own. :) For instance, Courteney is doing the 'Mile a day Challenge' where she is aiming to run at least one mile every day. Janet has dedicated a complete post entirely about goals, including things from PBing/racing in a 10k to trying out new smoothies. So then I got to thinking about my own goals. 

I can officially check off 'Paint front door' and 'Stain front steps and back deck,' as of today. :)  I did the staining following my 5 mile run this morning and am now just waking up from a looooong nap on the couch. I won't say just how long, but an hour and a half is a long time. ;)

What I was thinking I could do is to adjust Courteney's 'mile a day challenge' to my 'Crunch a day challenge.'  Over the winter I kind of slacked with my core work. :S  I paid the price during the Boston Marathon when I was just past Boston College.  With a few miles to go, I really didn't know if I would get to the finish line since I had such pain and fatigue in my lower back.  In the medical tent, if you recall, when they tried to get me to lay flat, I screamed. Prompting them to prop me up with a large foam roller.

So, long story short---I'm going to do crunches every day.  Even if it's just one set of 50.  That has to be better than 0 sets of 50, right? :)

Food :)
Last night's dinner was yet another hearty one. :)  I was very Rungry from my eight miler yesterday and was craving pasta. I made some chicken, Linguine noodles with pesto and roasted broccoli.  I think tonight I need to add more colour to my plate, but it was still very yummy!

I also have a goal to somehow showcase my race bling, in an obviously cool way. ;)  I saw a few cool ideas online and one that I really liked that involved a curtain rod.  It's simple and clean looking.  I thought I could also hang pictures/bibs above....possibly. :)
Currently my medals are all just hanging from a coat hanger on the wall in Matt's office added in order of completion, and not by race distance as they were on this super cool one that Courtney made me that got so heavy it came crashing down.  :(

Today's run was a 5 mile steady run.  My subdivision had a planned power outage from 9-11 today so I got up and made coffee right away in fear that I would have to run without fuelling up properly! :0

I have a super sore blister on the side of my right foot.....a place that I have never ever had one, ever.  I put a Band-Aid over it, but it still burned like crazy on the run.  Tomorrow is a rest day so I'm hoping it will miraculously heal itself tonight. ;)

The Run
5 miles in the trail
39:54 minutes
7:59 pace/mile. 
Today's smoothie was again a mixture of:
  • frozen pineapple
  • banana
  • frozen cranberries
  • orange
  • 1 scoop of whey protein
  • ice cubes
  • almond milk
I am really liking this smoothie during the summer months.  :D

What's your favourite smoothie recipe?
Well, I'm off to walk Miss Lola, and to check to see if my deck is all dry. :) How long does stain take to dry anyway?
I am so happy you took time to stop by and check out GGR!
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I go through spurts with smoothies...I'll go a week making one every day...and then get lazy and not make any. It's not like they are hard or anything...I just get lazy I think.

    I think that medal hanger is a great idea for you!!!!

    1. I need to start looking around now for a cool curtain rod ;)

  2. I usually don't love medal hangers, but that one is awesome! Such a great way to display all the colourful ribbons and medals.

    That smoothie sounds delicious! I don't really have a favourite smoothie yet...maybe I can tell you by the end of August :)