Friday, 23 August 2013

Muffins, Ink and Runs


Soon enough these letters will be of such importance to me.  That is, once I return back to teaching post Summer Vacation. :(  I do realize that no one is going to feel bad for me about this.

As a pleasant surprise, when I woke up today it wasn't blazing hot and humid! :0  I was so excited because I could run on the street without dying of heat exhaustion. I had a 4 mile run planned, but was feeling so good I did a solid 5 mile Tempo run.

It was kind of foggy and drizzly today as I headed over to a nearby hilly-ish subdivision.  I wanted to incorporate some hills into my runs, as the trail I usually run on is completely flat. Did you know that it used to be a railroad?

The Run
5 miles
38:15 minutes
7:39 pace/mile

I took advantage of my afternoon by becoming Martha Stewart-esque and having a go at these Blueberry Yogurt Muffins.  It's very surprising to me that they turned out great and are quite tasty. :D

And as I've mentioned in every Friday post I've ever written, lol, today is my rest day from running.  However, the guilt of consuming far too much ice cream this past week put me into a major strength & core workout today.  I started out with my challenge to do a 'plank a day.'  I've been only doing this for a few days now, and guess what? I  I can do crunches until the cows come home, but a plank brings me to near tears.  For real.  I also told Courteney that there was no way I'd post any plank timer shots online until I broke the three minute barrier. Well, today was the day!  {crowds cheering}. 

After I collapsed to the yoga mat, post-plank, I did my crunch workout followed by some stretching.  Then I worked my arms until they pretty much felt weak. I worked my biceps, front and side shoulders, back and chest. My whole workout involved watching Kelly & Michael along with some reruns of Friends. :) 
Feel privileged that you get to see this horrible shot of my suffering face. Only real friends get to see me in this state. 

So what else would I have to do to show the world that I am obsessed with running? {insert Jeopardy tune music here}.

Well, I'll tell you.  Today, I got a tattoo!  Yes, a tattoo.  I know tattoos are either on a love/hate basis and I don't plan on creating any body suit type tattoos anytime soon.  I did however think this gal was pretty darn cool:

I will be the first to admit that I whined like a baby and may have nearly crushed Courteney's hand.  But I <3 it!

Courteney was there for emotional support at first but then...................left with some ink of her own!
So, thanks again for checking out Girl Goes Running.  Who knows what crazy adventures I'll be up to next! ;)

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. You didn't mention that you twisted my arm with those strong biceps and held me down while they tattoo'd me. LOL. Just joking...thanks for giving me one more thing to blog about. LOL

    1. problem! It was super fun :D

  2. OMG SO cool you guys!!! Very tasteful tattoos! :)

    1. Thanks Erin, you're next! ;) just kidding.

  3. What grade do you teach? I went back to school Aug 1, and my training has really been suffering for it. I'm just so exhausted all the time!

    I'm planning my first running tattoo...time willing, I plan to get it this year for sure. Yours is adorable!!

    1. Thanks Ali!

      I will be teaching grades 1/2 English Language Arts this year along with Early Literacy Support. Last year was grades 5, Kindergarten and 1!!!!