Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Missing, Run, Pugs, & Humor

Starting out with urgent news
Yes, that is correct. My September issue of Runner's World STILL hasn't showed up! WTH?!   Courteney was able to navigate my info. on their subscriptions page and she reported it as "missing." I feel so violated!  The good news is that they will extend my membership for one more month and in the meantime I'm going to borrow Courteney' really, it's win win. :D

The Wednesday Run
As it turns out, my body is s l o w l y recovering from the half marathon last Sunday. :S  I'm concluding that it's due to the hilly course and the fact that it was all on asphalt.  My calves and quads are still feeling a bit stale so today I chose to run at a steady pace. Not super speedy but not crawling either....well, some of you fasties may consider 8:17 pace/mile

It was once again humid this morning with little to no breeze. Lovely.  I took my nuun I mentioned from yesterday's post.  I filled two fuel bottles with the citrus flavour and headed out.  I couldn't wait for the turn around point so that I could gulp one of those bad boys down. I got a little bit of a stitch about 1/2 mile later. :S  Probably from  the before mentioned 'gulping,' lol.

The Run
9 miles
1hr 14 minutes
8:17 pace/mile

Okay, I saw this cool pug pic, courtesy of John Stanton's (Running Room Founder) facebook page.  I giggled for reason #1: it looks like my sister Trudy's dog 'Doug,' which everyone seems to agree is the coolest name for a Pug and #2 it looked like a pic I snapped of Lola this Winter wearing my face mask for runs in -20 degree Celsius or less....BRRR!  Check out these cuties!

      Doug the Pug :)
I totally stole this pic from
Something neat I found on the net
As it turns out, facebook can be useful for finding entertaining things......and not just drama! ;)  Just kidding.  Anytime I see a link to something related to 'Running' I must click to check it out. :D  This was a cool site that identifies the 26 Stages of Running in a humorous way.  Check it out....I promise you'll giggle. :)
Thanks again for paying me a visit.  Have a wonderful evening!
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. that 26 stages list is hilarious!

    I usually can barely manage a 4 miler after a half. Nice work on your shakeout run!