Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Today was Interval Tuesday for me.  Okay, sorry if that's a lame name......lol. 

I decided that I would up it by 1-2 repeats today since my last session included 5 x 400 repeats.  I sat my Garmin to Auto Lap at 0.25 miles (400m) and headed out.  I remembered to take water with me today in case I felt like I was going to die of thirst......good  great call indeed.

Today's run consisted of a warm up of 1.7 miles at 8:18 easy pace. I now realize that a 'warm up' needs to be a 'warm up' and not a "It's speed training day so I'd better do this warm up speedy as well," and then later run out of steam. :S Yes, I'm guilty of that.

The weather today was sunny and breezy.  It wasn't at all humid like it's been for the last seven years here! Possible slight exaggeration.  ;)

Once I was all done warming up and the Garmin beeped for me to begin my first interval, it was kind of exciting.  It felt like it was the gun going off at a start line of a race. :0   I made quick strides pumping my arms back and forth cruising up the street to the stop sign. Note: bus stop to Stop sign = 400m. :) 

My first 400 clocked off at a pace of 6:32 min/mile.  I was hoping I could stay around that pace for the entire set.  At this point I wasn't sure if I'd do 6 or 7 repeats.  Following each repeat I did Recovery Jogs of 800m in between plus took in some water. 

Here's a break down of the 400s:
1. 6:32
2. 6:27
3. 6:44----had to weave around three teenage girls who were taking up pretty much the whole left side of the street, (eye roll).
4. 6:39
5. 6:41
6. 6:40
7.  6:32
The peaks are the fast 400s.
When I finished the 7th repeat my legs felt like Jello.  Big time.  But I did feel a sense of accomplishment as I plunked down on the curb to catch my breath.  :D

I then did a cool down run at a pace of 8:29 min/mile.  It was around 0.75 of a mile. 

Today's Total = 6.5 accumulated miles. 

Tips from GGR for Intervals
  • Plan your stretch of road before hand or go to a track if you don't mind the constant scenery.  I need the varied scene. Tracks and treadmills just don't cut it for me.
  • Do a solid warm up to ensure your muscles are ready before  you put speedy demands on them.  Running fast on cold tight muscles is asking for trouble!
  • Incorporate Recovery Jogs or walk breaks in between fast repeats to allow your breathing rhythm to settle.
  • Take water/sports drink to hydrate with.
  • Don't stare at your watch....lol.  400m isn't that far, but when you're checking every 2 seconds, it feels like an eternity!
  • Be conscious of your form and don't run 'sloppy.'  Hunching over can actually limit your ability to take in adequate amounts of oxygen and cause pre-mature fatigue. 
  • It helps to pep talk yourself. I kept telling myself that 'Progress takes Work,' and that 'Speed Work is Work. It's not easy.'  Also I said, ' Wishing won't make me faster!'
  • Be sure to cool down. Doing a cool down will help reduce heart race and muscle soreness.  When you stop abruptly after a strenuous workout, lactic acid can lodge itself in your muscles and that's never fun! {Source}.
If you'd like to read more upon Speed work or intervals click here. Check out some info. on cooling down here.

Tomorrow's run is a steady 8 miler so I was sure to stretch and roll after today's session. 

Thanks for visiting GGR and have a beautiful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Awesome job on the intervals...keep up the great work! Are you going back and forth between teh bus stop and stop sign or do you do a straight stretch?

    Great info on speedwork/cool down. I'll be visiting back whenever I start to incorporate these!

    1. Thanks!

      Yes back and forth between the bus stop (coyote way) and the stop sign is slightly more than 400m so I just stop near each marker when the Garmin beeps. It's a straight stretch 😊

  2. Found you recently through instagram! I love this recap...super helpful. My intervals are never exact because I always forget to set my GPS to beep at 400m. Next time I do speedwork, I'll definitely remember!

    1. Hi Ali!

      It made a huge difference for me today to pre-set it. I used to just add the numbers in my head while I tried to run at a consistent fast pace = tricky!

      Thanks for visiting GGR! :)

  3. Wait, pre-setting lap distance?? It looks like we have pretty much the same Garmin, so I'm going to need to break out the manual. I'm so guilty of checking the distance on every arm swing, but you're right - it never makes it go any faster!!

    1. Hey Janet,
      Yes, you hold down on menu until you see "History, Alarm," if you use the down arrow on the right you will see "Auto Lap" turn it on and select the distance you want to set it to. :)