Sunday, 21 July 2013

We've Landed!

Hey guys,

This is my first blog post ever from Newfoundland!  Can you believe that? I'm writing you from a hotel room in Corner Brook at 11:20  I'm very tired and have a 'motion sickness hangover,' if there's such a thing.  :S

Leg 1 of our journey:

We set out bright and early at six thirty a.m. this morning and took the 5 hour drive to North Sydney, NS where we then boarded the Atlantic Vision, or as I now am calling it, "Makes me lose my vision." 

Check us out hanging at the terminal in North Sydney.  :) 


 Okay, the place above is called "Lick-A-Chick." I am working very hard to convince Matt to eat there on the way back to NS, ;)
 Lola says, "Yo!"

I'm showcasing our "Window View."  We were totally psyched to have this by the way. :D

We had beautiful sunny weather for the drive up.  I was not noticing the breeze at all...oblivious girl!  ;)  Until, I was laying comfortably cozy on my mini cot watching none other than..........
 Dirty Dancing!!! I LOVE that movie! :)

Check out our view from our cabin.  We are just departing Nova Scotia here. Don't let these beautiful picturesque shots fool you.  A little while after these pics were taken, I'm pretty sure there was a Tsunami out there!
When I was done admiring the view, I laid back down and began watching my second movie for the day, "Something's gotta Give," starring Dianne Keaton and Jack Nicholson.  I actually watched it from start to finish when I did my only running for the day..........
Running to and from the bathroom as a result of major motion sickness.........ugh! This was my first time EVER getting seasick on one of the vessels that crosses the Gulf to Newfoundland/Nova Scotia....e.v.e.r. 
The ride was very swelly.  There were very high winds last night in much of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. This obviously had a major effect on the ocean scenario this afternoon.
After about 2 1/2 hours of constant stomach unsettle and two hard core puke sessions in the bathroom where I was being knocked around from the waves, I was totally squeamish still and we finally docked.  I made it...........
Don't be fooled.  This was after a face touch up, hair brush and major tooth brushing! I mean, like, Major!  I don't know if I'll ever eat a Subway turkey sub again, :( I was too cranky and whiny when I was puking to allow Matt to snap a pic...LOL. Maybe next time.  On second thought, the boat ride back to Nova Scotia had better not be as rough as today's!
Tomorrow is the next big leg of our journey.  A drive to my hometown, Gaultois! Yay! :)  Running there will be very interesting.  I'll take a bunch of pics and you'll see why.  It gives city running a whole new perspective! ;) I promise my next blog post will actually contain some running updates. :)
Cheers for now. I am soooo off to bed.  This GGR is toast!
Run Happy,
Heather :)
The Tely 10 is in 7 days....OMG!


  1. OMG....that is awful!!! I'm sorry you had such a hard time....but glad you had a nice room to try and relax in! How did Lola make out on the drive???

    1. Lola made out great. She even got to have two tim-bits yesterday, so there were no complaints from her! ;) The nice breeze over the ocean kept the car deck nice and cool on the crossing too.

      I felt like I deserved to wear my Boston jacket after the 'vomit marathon' yesterday, lol. Plus, it was only 13 degrees when we docked.....brr!

  2. oh no! I've never been seasick, and I've spent significant time on ships! I use Bonamine... non-drowsy anti-nausea pills. Grab some from the drug store before your trip home and take one before getting on the boat.

    At least the rest of the trip will be awesome compared to that!

    1. Oh, I will definitely be taking something with me on the return trip just in case! LOL. It was the first sea sick experience I've had on a trip to NL. It was not fun!

  3. a boat ride for me at any given time without taking is gravol is an epic fail for me!! Hopefully I'll see you at the Tely!! Enjoy your trip home. :)

    1. Gravol will certainly be in my purse for the return trip home! ;)

      I'll look for you at the Tely!