Friday, 12 July 2013

Tunes, Friends & Rest

TGIF! Aren't Fridays the best?! 

Tempo Tune
This song is for one of those long runs that you are just demolishing.  It's not completely new but I've just 'promoted it' to my running playlist, so here it is.  Check it out--it's "Radioactive," by Imagine Dragons. Go on, play it whilst you read my post! ;)
Success Stories :)
One of the things I love about Running is that anyone can do it and be successful.  Whether it's a 4 min mile or a 15 min mile, it's a mile and you've done it. 

I was totally motivated last week when I received a message from a friend of mine, (Dana), who is living in Newfoundland and Labrador. She had registered for her first race {Kelligrews 8k Road Race }.  I was totally pumped for her!!! And I maaaay have asked her a zillion questions about her running.....just sayin'. 

The run was on July 6 and I was eager to share her success with you.  :D  Doing a race, of any distance, can be totally intimidating for anyone at any distance.  I told Dana that I didn't feel too nervous for my first race until I pinned my bib on.....then it was for real! :O 

After hearing about her run via message, she said,

"The race is done!! It was great. I had a great support team and it felt very motivating when I was running towards the finish and {her kids and husband} were there cheering me on. The feeling when I passed the finish line and everyone cheering and clapping was amazing!"
Can't you just hear her jubilation!? :D 

She went on to tell me of other races possibly in her future. ;)  And about how awesome it was to get a chip time + a medal.  {Hey, us runners like our bling!}.  She ends with, "I wanna keep running!"  And I know she will.  :) 

Congrats Dana and thanks for letting me share your story!

Dana is in the white tank-------------->

This picture was way too awesome to not post!
There are days in life where sometimes it feels like Running is the only thing that makes sense and I'm dying to get out there and then there are others where I'm dragging my butt out the door.  But once I'm running, I feel that it is something that's 'mine' no matter what.  :)

On a lighter note........

Funny Race Photos
Okay, you know we all have them.  Those famous finish line pics where we feel like we're at Death's Door but you try your darnedest to force that 'smile of glory' at the camera guy.  Unfortunately for you though, the camera caught that moment when you sort of forgot anyone was around and just wanted to raise the white flag and lay down.  I know I have a ton of those images! Check out my Epic Canadian 5k finish line pics.  LOL.

 So, caption this? Okay, "They'd better have a trash can RIGHT there for me! How did I think this would be a great kick-off to my Summer Vacation!?"  and "Happy Freakin' Canada Day." Just to clarify, I love Canada and I DID puke everywhere (once along the trail and once I came to a full stop).  You can read the recap here.

There is also a finish line pic of me finishing the 2012 Tely 10 with actual vomit exiting my mouth as I cross the finish line. I have been unable to find that picture since last Summer.  I would love to see it if anyone can actually find it in the image-o-sphere of the internet.  :) 

I think that would make for a super fun blog post! "Funny finish line/race photos."  If you have one you'd like to send my way e-mail me at  :D  Otherwise, you will have to suffer through many more unfortunate pics of me.

Rest Day :S 
Even though I'm racing tomorrow, and even though I know my muscles, bones and tendons need time to heal, there is something about a 'Rest Day' that makes me feel well, sort of . blah.  I'm definitely not doing any running today, but I may do some core work. 

How do Rest Days make you feel?
Matt, Courteney and I are running in the Liverpool Privateer's 5 mile Road Race tomorrow...Wish us luck! 
So, this message started out with my little stick lady running.....notice Matt's character. Quite the wide stride you're doing there! LOL.

Thanks so much for coming by.  I'm heading out now to check the mail....I really really hope my new Nimbus' are here! :)

Run Happy,
Heather :)


  1. I laughed out loud at the vomit photo. I hope you find it. LOL

    I don't think I have any really bad photos... I guess that means I'm just going to have to sign up for more races with finish line photos!

    1. Erin, Courteney found the vomit photo! I'll put it in a post possibly tomorrow or Monday! :D

  2. I always enjoy seeing your whiteboard messages! I dislike finish line photos...we'll see what tomorrow's look like!!

    1. I can't wait to see our finish photos.......I'm sure I'm hurled over like I'm at death's door!

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