Saturday, 27 July 2013

Tely 10 in the a.m.!!!

It's Tely 10 eve! 

My stomach is sort of doing swirly flip  I'm always very nervous to run in this event.  I'm thinking it's mostly because there are so many people I know running and cheering.  I also tend to put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to do well. 

On the way to St. John's yesterday, we stopped in Clarenville to visit my friend Gayla.  We grew up neighbours and best friends and now only see each other every couple of years. It was super nice to catch up. :)

We arrived in St. John's, NL early yesterday afternoon.  As soon as we got here, we headed straight to the Running Room to pick up a new Garmin for me since Matt is going to use mine. {His is no longer with us :(  }.  Then we headed over to race kit pick up. :D  I actually got a shirt in my size this year.  Last year they gave me a Large. :0

 Me doing my traditional 'bib number shot' before the race. 
 We headed out with my two sisters for supper last night. It was very delicious.
I had the Shrimp Diablo.  It was very awesome....I couldn't even finish it all.
We spent the night at my sister Trudy's place.  She has two pugs. Lola took part in a sniffing fest for the remainder of the evening with Lilly and Doug. :)

Tonight it's going to be some rest and relaxation as I calm my nerves for the morning. My time I really want to beat is ...............drum roll................................1:15:33. This is not my Tely 10 PB, it's actually from a ten mile road race called 'The Penguin Run' in Nova Scotia.  Last year's Tely 10 time was 1:15:41.  I will be totally happy if I beat that. Ultimately if I beat 1:15 I'd be delighted.  We'll see.

I have no idea what my running outfit will consist of tomorrow.  It's been very high humidity here since we've arrived. I'm really hoping tomorrow is a bit cooler. 

Okay, I'm off to make sure iPod and Garmin are charged and also to lay out all my gear.

Tely 10 is tomorrow...........Wish us Luck! ;)

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I realize you've probably already finished, but I hope everything went well! Looking forward to hearing more about how your day went :)

    1. Thanks Janet!
      It was a good race...a bit humid, but overall I'm happy. :)