Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunny Sunday Runday

Happy Sunday Runday folks!

That is if you didn't melt into a pile of Gatorade and Gu on the way, :0  *My attempt at being funny*

Today was one of those runs where I left the house unsure of how far I'd actually go.  I geared up in the full Monty of tech, Gu, gummy bears, visor, fuel belt {with all 4 bottles filled}, just in case!  I planned out that I would cover pretty much the same route as yesterday since it offered so many shaded areas, not shady areas, if you get my drift. ;) 

No surprise in that I saw very few runners this morning, but a zillion cyclists on the trail.  Yes, it's probably because of this humidity trap we're currently in.  I'm actually anticipating the rain that's forecasted for tomorrow, but don't tell!
Even Lola agrees 100%! "Wrap me in a bun because I'm done!" LOL <3
I'm all ready to go!  Today was definitely another visor day.
Something about this colour
combo makes me smile :)

The Run
14.1 super sticky miles
2 hrs 2 minutes....I know, that elephant I carried on my back did slow me down, ;)
8:42 pace/mile
I knew after mile 1 today that this would be no speedy long-ish run.  My body just will not go fast.  And don't even get me started about how many *drink breaks* I required! Lol. 
Tempo Tune
Today's Tempo Tune is one of my current favourites.  Remember the song "One Headlight?" Well, it's by the same group.  This one's called "Reboot the Mission," by The Wallflowers ft. Mick Jones. It's one of those songs that makes you fell all 'bad ass,' sort of, lol.  Check it out:
After realizing that this run would have to be based on effort, I just decided to enjoy every moment and be grateful for my health and fitness. Sometimes I get a little obsessive over number crunching and forget to remember that "I'm doing this because I love it---not because I have to!"  I think sometimes as runners, we all need that reminder. :) 

Oh yeah, and don't forget to stop and smell those roses!

Stay tuned for next Saturday's Liverpool Privateers 5 Mile road race! 
Run Happy,
Heather :)

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