Monday, 1 July 2013

Summer Vacation Kick Off

Happy Canada day everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your Canadian holiday. I began mine by actually sleeping in!  I was super psyched to see 8:45 a.m. on the clock when I woke. :D

Yesterday morning, if you recall, Courteney and I ran the Bedford 5km to Beat Lung Cancer.  I ran a PB!  Finally.  My Garmin is 0.06 of a mile short of 3.1 miles so I feel sort of guilty taking the time they've posted for me online (21:08).  Soooo, I'm going to say 21:15 is my new PB. There, pweph! That feels so much better.  :) 

When I got home I was totally zonked! I showered, ate, blogged and had a ginormous nap with this one:
Lola is the queen of napping, so who better for me to indulge in some mid afternoon zzzz's with?
When I woke up all refreshed groggy, I felt a little bit deprived not having gotten in my usual Sunday long run. :S  Therefore, I laced up, filled my fuel bottles and headed out to satisfy my endorphin craving. :D
The legs were a little stale at the start for about 2 miles, but then I settled into a nice easy pace along the gravel trail. I took an Island Nectars GU gel at 8 miles since I was starting to feel a little depleted.  The humidity was a little out of control once again.  There was some relief in the canopy areas of the trail that offered some coolness.
The Run (#2 for the day)
12.5 miles
1:45:49 minutes
8:28 pace/mile

The Recovery
I always try to up the ante with protein when I have pushed my body hard.  After double dipping with running on Sunday, I recovered with some protein, compression and elevation.  Oh yeah, and Friends reruns. :)
As dinner time neared, I was feeling ravenous!  What else is new? I knew that I'd need a hearty meal to satisfy my hunger and of course Matt's too. He had run a 17 miler in the morning!  I was totally motivated by a Basil plant one of the Educational Program Assistants at my school gave me.  Therefore, pasta it is! 
And yes, it was as good as it looks! :D
I was going to blog today about my cross training.  I had planned a bike ride along the trail. However as I sit here, it is raining cats and dogs.......once again. Therefore, I will do some rolling, stretching and strength exercises.
New Races
Yesterday I had planned to sign up for my 4th Tely 10 Road Race in Newfoundland.  It's a flat point to point 10 mile run. After being so exhausted I went to bed all ready to do some reading from my Runner's World magazine and then I immediately realized that I hadn't signed up!!! I got my laptop and entered in my info. Updated: I was in such a rush since midnight Sunday was the early bird rate! :D You're looking at bib # 2570 right here!
Then this morning, Courteney texted me a proposition as  "Any interest in the Liverpool 5 Miler" She asks.  Duhh, of course! A new distance means a guaranteed PB!!! And I'm ALWAYS down for that.  :D
That's two additional races added to my Race Itinerary page.
Thanks again for paying me a visit.  Stay dry! ;)
Run Happy,
Heather :)

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