Friday, 19 July 2013

Rest day & After the fact Bling

Happy Rest day! I mean Friday :)
I guess you already figured out I didn't run today?  My legs have been thanking me all day!  Okay, so I did my ab workout and THEN proceeded to the pose shown below........ ;)

Tempo Tunes
Okay, have you heard of 'Metric?' If not, download a few of their tunes a.s.a.p.!  Check out their song "Gimme Sympathy." It's fantabulous and the newest member of my running playlist. 
 Also, check out their song, Eclipse.  You're welcome.

After the Fact still just as sweet!
So remember I ran the Liverpool Privateers 5 Mile Road Race?  And also that I said I was pretty bummed about how I ran? Well, Shauna wrote me as we were driving home from the race that day and said that they had called my name for the 2nd place age division winner! :0  I had no idea!  I was then bummed because I didn't get my medal :(  {tear rolling down my cheek}. Matt was such a sweetie and wrote the race organizer who then mailed it to me!!! :D  Thanks a bunch! Check it out guys:
Road Trip
Not sure if you are aware, but I am going to go visit my family this upcoming week. :D  I had to go out today to grab a few things to take on our trip and spotted this:
Apparently it is Hazelnut & Vanilla spread, stored adjacent to the Nutella.  Now, I didn't purchase it because I am waiting to hear from you for reviews. Have you tried it? How is it????

I was super hungry this afternoon, since I didn't actually have a lunch....unless an orange and a slice of watermelon count???  We'll say, No.

I was craving French Toast for some strange and bizarre reason.  Therefore, you are looking at the end result. :D  Yummo!

Bye Bye Zip Loc Baggie!
Yep, you read that correctly. I have finally upgraded to a Belkin. I am going to totally try it out on my 14 miler in the a.m.  I managed to convince the electronics guy at Wal-Mart to allow me to try it on if I were to actually make a decision to buy it.  I have to admit, when I tried it on it felt like a doctor was taking my blood pressure.  I'll keep you posted on my pending approval. :)
Brace Yourself
Well, it's more like 'I' have to brace 'myself' since the humidex is going to be anywhere between 37-40 degrees tomorrow!!! And, I have to do my 14 mile long run tomorrow since Sunday will be spent travelling.  I have a feeling it's gonna be a slow one! 

Thanks for poppin' in and checking on Girl Goes Running.

Run Happy,
Heather :)

The Tely 10 is in 9 days!!!


  1. Bring on a new type of runners tan with that on your arm!!!

    1. Yes I can certainly see the lovely new tan lines now!