Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Intervals in the Heat, Disgusting Photo and Coffee

Hey there,

So remember that I told you yesterday that I had planned to run some 400s today? Well, I did it! I am so proud of myself :) 

I consider myself to be a 'lazy' runner sometimes. I know, what an oxy moron that is.  What I mean is that I will often run at a conservative pace and just 'wish' to be faster, without actually putting in the speed work.  I will take flatter routes home even if it means extending my run by almost an extra mile! Therefore, today when I actually went out and ran 5 x 400 I felt amazing.......tired, but amazing!

I started out with an easy 2 mile warm up.  I took with me only one water bottle...........big mistake since it was already 30 when I left the house. :S  Once my Garmin read 2.00 miles I ran at a pace that was slightly faster than 5k pace for 0.25 mi (400m)  with recovery jogs in between of 400m.  Then I'd go again for another 400.  It felt cool to be steaming up the street at a pace in the 6:30s, even if it was only for a short amount of time. ;) 

The Run
5.25 mi total with (5x400)
41:35 minutes
7:56 pace/mile

Next week I'll aim for 6-7 400s. :D 

What I was thinking is that instead of giving you one or two songs every so often, I'd upload a list of my current cycle of music.  Check it out:
Speaking of music, in case you were kept awake at night worrying that I'd have to run without music due to the iPod soaking with water at the Liverpool Run, don't fret.  It's back in action!!! How excited was I that when I pinched the little play button thingy to try it out, Selena Gomez came blasting in my ear, "If you're ready, come and get it. Na na na na." I've never been so happy to hear her voice!
Crappy Race Shots
Well, after some digging Courteney was able to find my most crappiest race picture from ever in the history of time. P.S. I always tell Courteney she should be a detective.....this girl can find out an-e-thing!
Back to the photo. If you recall from this post I mentioned the 'vomit pic from the 2012 Tely 10,' well here it is:
That cheering guy behind me is about to get a real treat in T-2 seconds! LOL.
 And here's an even closer view of the yellow Gatorade spewing out from my mouth..........I know, I'm disgusting.  :(

So, on a more positive note, lol....that doesn't involve puking, I'm off to do some foam rolling, abs and stretching. 
I'm super excited to catch up with a friend over coffee this afternoon. We haven't gotten together in forever. 
Thanks for visiting Girl Goes Running.
Run Happy,
Heather :)
P.S. Next up is the NLAA Tely 10 Road Race in 12 days! 


  1. LOL That's not nearly as gross as I thought (hoped?) it would be!

    1. Hahaha....I'm glad it wasn't too disgusting!

  2. Ba! You're speedy! I really like running steady. It's hard for me to speed up or slow down. But I'm going to start doing interval/farlick type runs soon so keep posting on speed work!

    1. Thanks, lol... I don't think I'm that speedy yet! It's a work in progress. :)

      I Steady Ran forever. It was comfortable for me and I understand what you mean when you say it's hard to speed up/slow down. That's the piece I'm making my goal to improve on for my next Marathon. :)