Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hold on to your Hydration Belts, it's a HOT one!

Happy 4th of July to any of my readers from the Red, White and Blue!
The rain has finally stopped in our neck of the woods.  :)  So now instead of making sure I have plenty of flyers on hand for drying out my running shoes after rainy runs, I'm loading up fuel bottles and slathering on sunscreen.   I'm not complaining though. I just need to get up earlier to run at cooler times.

As I was making coffee this morning and getting my oatmeal, I notice the husband's attempt at humour on the 

Yes, it was that hot when I did my run.....30 degrees feels like 36!

The Run
7 HOT miles
58:58 minutes
8:25 pace/mile

It didn't feel tooooo crazy hot for most of the run because there was a steady breeze.  The air was still humid but it added some relief.  Wait, what am I saying??? It was a cooker out there!  I did a lot of shade seeking today.  This is where the shade is not technically on your side of the trail (since you run on the right side), but I ran in the shade up until someone else is coming in the opposite direction. 

I took 4 bottles of water in my fuel belt today. I figured I wouldn't need them all, but I didn't want to be out there without any hydration with such soaring temperatures. Turns out they were all gone by the time I reached my driveway. :) 

I saw the military doing their training hikes in the trail in their complete garb! After seeing them marching with all those layers on, I stopped my mental

Okay, I have no more gift cards left now, I The tank is from Lulu.  {Purchased with gift card from students}. The shorts are North Face that I mentioned earlier in the week {also purchased with gift card from Aerobics First}. 

Today I decided to try out the 'No limits' tank from Lulu.  I have to say it will not come on any future runs with me, unless it's laundry day or something and I have no other running singlet to wear. :)  I liked the breathable sides and the firm fit of the built in bra.  However, if I had not been wearing my fuel belt on the run I am certain that there would have been a lot of 'extra material' flopping around my waistline....and no runner's got time for that! ;)  I did enjoy doing some strength workouts with this one though. 

I have no complaints about the shorts. They felt super light weight and awesome. Plus I love the colour combo.  :D

Food :D
One thing that makes me happy about my Costco membership:  The fact that the Mara Natha's almond butter costs waaaaaay less there than in the health food stores around here!  It is now part of my mid day snack dynamic duo---sliced pear dipped it almond butter.  Try it out!

Take a look at my massive ginormous open-faced fajita I had for dinner last night! It still makes me happy to look at it. :D  I had a mad craving for salsa....also the fresh kind from Costco. So, I decided to fry up a whack of peppers and onions with Tex Mex seasoning and create this masterpiece served with brown rice. 

Here's a random picture of my Miami coffee mug from this morning.  It was crazy humid out so I thought I'd give my coffee a 'Miami' feel. ;)

Bottom right is my post-run protein recovery shake.  Yes, you can see my clementine peeking in the photo as well. 

Yes, the dreaded word. REST DAY! ;)  Just kidding.  Tomorrow is a rest day from running for me.  I always take Fridays off....unless something has stopped me from getting in a run earlier in the week.  I plan on working on even-ing out my runner's tan  Beach?  Deck?  We'll see!

Run Happy and Stay Hydrated!
Heather :)


  1. Today is my rest day too... I ran Wednesday morning and did yoga yesterday. Although my legs feel sore from yoga, I feel like it's been forever since I went running and I wanna go!

    1. hahaha....that type of thinking sounds familiar! I 'know' I need to take a rest day...I just don't 'like' taking a rest day. Lol.