Monday, 15 July 2013

Goals, Speed and Long Run

Happy Monday!

It's the start of a brand new week and with each new week come new opportunities to meet your goals, fitness or otherwise.  My goal for the week is to get up earlier so that I don't begin to melt mid-run... ;)  I have speed work intervals planned for tomorrow and the temperatures this past week have once again hovered in the 'insanely hot' range. 
What are your goals for the week?

My Sunday long run was a scheduled 13 miler.  It was a late start for me since I was chatting with my mom on the phone and when I walked Lola I was quite chatty with some neighbours......therefore, late run! 

I was sort of bummed out about my 5 mile race on Saturday....not my placement, or the course, or the company, but with myself and how my body crashes in the heat.  I've run faster 5 milers in training and on Saturday, the heat just got the better of me.  I gave it all my effort and that was the best I could do.  Therefore on yesterday's long run, I decided that speed work would have to be an integral part of my training if I'm aiming for faster race times.  Hashem and I had a great conversation on Thursday about that as well. Now, instead of feeling 'bummed' I'm excited to begin improving! :) 

Back to Sunday's run. It was a scorcher! I feel more like a meteorologist sometimes when I post updates since I'm always discussing the weather. But the fact remains that the weather is a major factor in your running experience. I make sure to train outside in all types of weather, because as you know, race day conditions are unpredictable! 

I headed out all fuelled up towards the BLT trail.  I saw only a few other 'crazy' runners in the path.  An adjective my neighbour used to describe I was feeling pretty good on the run. My legs were not sore or tight from the race the day before, which tells me I didn't run as fast as I could have.
I guess that's one benefit of running in the heat!

The Run
13.07 miles
1:52 minutes
8:36 pace/mile

There was a lot of shade seeking going on in the trail and not much of a breeze. I drank all of my water & Gatorade and then began fantasizing about the orange Gatorade that was waiting for me at home. :) 

I should also tell you that on Sunday's long run, I had my very first snake encounter of the year......and of course, I did not take my phone to get a pic. :(  He was just a small brownish guy, but large enough to make me freak out and yelp, lol.

Around 11 miles or a little after, I began running with my 'one foot in front of the other' mentality.  I was so hot. I just wanted to be done.  

When I'm profusely sweating on a hot run, it sort of feels like I'm melting away all the toxins and fat from my body. I make sure to fix that though with something like this when I'm all done the run:

Today calls for cross-training or easy run.  I chose to do an easy 4 miler out to the lake and back.  It was a very snowy and icy run.  Just kidding!  hehe.  Did you feel cooler just reading that sentence?
I ran in my new singlet that I got in my race kit for the Liverpool Privateers 5 Mile Road Race.  It's a great running top to wear. It's New Balance and has reflectivity too. Plus, I'm really digging the colour. ;)
When I arrived out to the lake, my turn around point, I went down and put my hands in the water to cool off. Funny thing was that the water wasn't even that cool.  It was actually quite warm.  There were little tadpoles swimming around in there.  I was totally excited! :) Then a guy on a bike went by and saw me down there peering into the water......he probably thought I was strange. I wouldn't blame him.
The Run
4 miles
33:00 minutes
8:11 pace/mile
This afternoon I'm going to do core work, stretching, some strength workouts for my arms and some foam rolling. 
How are you sweating on this hot Monday?
Thanks again for visiting me @ Girl Goes Running.
Run Happy,
Heather :)
P.S. Lola says, "HI"


  1. Yesterday I had a lady point and me and indicate I was on the wrong side of the trail...she was on a bike. I run on the left side, right? And besides...she has to yield to me! Grrrrr!
    Good for you running this hot day!

  2. She DOES have to yield to you! I've never had anyone point that out to me.....that surprises me! I run on the right in the trail and on the left on the main road. However, I run on the left when the shade is on the

  3. I always run where I can see traffic best/in the best shade! A perk of living in a town with only a few hundred people. I'm trying to do better getting out on hot days! Currently I'm sidelined, but next week I'll be back out!

    1. Hope your sideline ends soon! These hot days are very difficult for me. I'm hoping that I will peak in the Fall because of all this tough training, ;)