Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Fishing & Rainy Run

What a fantastic fishing trip we had yesterday! I haven't fished in years....and I mean like probably more than 15 years.  The weather was completely fantastic---warm and sunny with a nice breeze. My cousins took us out in the boat to "The Passage" and we had a blast catching Cod fish as well as touring the area.  We saw many bald eagles and Jelly fish too. 
My arms are actually sore today, more so than if I had been doing weight training. Devin gave me some sort of fishing rod I've never seen before that allows you to catch multiple fish at a time.  During one try I caught three fish at once!!! Now that was heavy to pull in.  I even got a fishing injury, lol.  Okay so really it happened when I was climbing into the boat and hadn't even left the wharf yet, don't  
Guess what last night's dinner entailed.......yep, Cod fish! Very tasty.  

Devin was the pro fisherman.  He got me all sat up and helped me reel in my catches.  Him and his dad Perry were also great tour guides too!

I had a great night's sleep last night and woke up to gusting winds and heavy downpours of rain today.  Definitely not great running weather.  Matt went out and got completely soaked this morning. Me, no.  I waited until the afternoon when the rain let up a bit.  Or so I thought.  I really wanted to snap some pics during my run for you, since I'm away.  Therefore, I took a Ziploc baggie from my mom's cupboard and used it to carry my phone. Good thing I did that too. I got caught in a massive downpour! 

Here are some of the sights from today's run. I started out the same way as yesterday by venturing up towards the ponds.  Then I just decided it was too steep and rocky on this wet day so I ran on some of the main dirt roads....which are not flat by any means. 

 My parent's house it the white one in the centre, black roof on the bottom.  :)

The Run
3.11 hilly rocky miles
26:49 minutes
8:38 pace/mile

Look at this beautiful peony I pulled from the garden at my house.  I wish I could somehow show you via my blog how great it smells!
Well, I'm off again for a bit. I'm glad your checking on this GGR, even when she's on vacation! ;)

Run Happy,
Heather :)

The Tely 10 is in 4 days!!!


  1. It's basically been running here since you left and there ins't any scheduled sun until Monday. Hope you are having a great time.

    1. I think it's funny you wrote 'running' for 'raining.' Lol. How perfect! Let me know how your run goes tonight :)