Thursday, 18 July 2013

Easy Run & Compressions

Happy Thursday Running Friends!
The Thursday Run is always the most mentally challenging one for me. Why? You wonder.  Well, it's because it's the last running day until my legs get a rest day on Friday.  Saturday is medium distance, Sunday is long run day/Race day, Monday is easy run, Tuesday is fast run, Wednesday is hilly/semi-long run and Thursday is EASY short-ish run. Therefore on Thursday, my legs are toast! 
Even though it was a short and easy run, it was a struggle to get going today, lol. The coffee was just so perfect and my rocking chair was calling my name. ;) 
Check out my black-eyed Susan's in bloom! :) 
When I finally got my butt out the door, I literally ran 1/2 a mile when I saw this cool bird swooping ahead of me.  It stopped on this telephone pole and I managed to snap this craptastic pic before the speedster flew off.  I'm thinking it's a woodpecker.  No?  
He's on the left side of the pole.
The weather for this morning's run was weird.  There is just no other descriptive word I could think of right  When I left my house it was windy and I thought it might rain. Midway through the first half of the run the sun beamed out from behind the clouds like nobody's business! And man was it ever sticky humid. :0

I snapped this shot out by Cranberry Lake.  Look how beautiful it is.................I hope you are not jealous that I have such a beautiful trail to run in. ;)  Just kidding, you can come run along here anytime! 

I have to say, these $14 shorts from Old Navy (+30% off), are bangin.'  I just love them.  I was a bit weary on whitish coloured shorts. But I think they make my legs appear more tanned! Lol.  Plus, look how they go right along with the colour scheme of my new Nimbus 15s! I mean, I practically made $$$ on these light-weight babies! ;)
The Run
4.60 EASY miles
37:51 minutes
8:14 pace/mile

If you are all about The Numbers as I am, then you probably have a difficult time doing an 'Easy' run.  Even if your legs hurt, even if your schedule calls for 'easy' and EVEN if it's a {cough} 'Rest' day.---when you shouldn't even be clocking miles. 

To help make my speedy number crunching mind slow down, I play songs that are more chilled out and that allow me to settle into a rhythm that encourages a slower pace. Today's go-to song, that I played on repeat basically, was:

"Back down South," by Kings of Leon. 
I am certainly going to love this on long runs. 

Compression Obsession
Okay, so I have hot pink compression socks from  Zenzah, Argyles from Lunatik Athletiks and today Pro Compression had a sweet sale online for 40% off when you use the discount code JULY! I expect my Marathon Purples to arrive within a week. :D

Thanks so much for visiting!

Run Happy,
Heather :)

The Tely 10 is in 10 days!

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