Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Biking, Running @ Recess and New Threads!

Happy Tuesday!
I am dying to know if it's raining where you are? I don't remember moving to the rain forest recently.  Maybe Matt took us there when I was asleep.......no?
Yesterday I DID manage to get out for a bike ride.  :)  I had just finished my 8 minute abs video when I discovered that the rain had let up for a while.  So I texted Courteney to see if  she was interested.  Of course she was!  We biked through the Rails to Trails for 16.5km.  I really need a better padded seat. :S 
The Ride
1hr 14 minutes
4:32 pace/km
A leisurely pace so that we could gab.  :)

When I came home, I worked out my arms with the 10lb dumbbells.  I was totally exhausted afterward...lol.  I enjoyed some refreshing grapefruit post workout.

Last night Matt and I decided we'd go out for dinner.  I enjoyed a grilled chicken club with salad. It was delish! We may have had nachos as an appetizer...............
They were awesome!

This morning I took total advantage of being on vacation. I decided to get up and have coffee, walk Lola, finally unload all of my school stuff from the trunk of my car, {cough}. Following all of these fun things, I headed out for a run at the normal time for Recess at school...hehe.  I also ran through Math class as well....hehe. 
It was a pretty good run.....I even took my phone to snap a few shots for you guys.  Guess what?  I took a tip from Neon Blonde Runner and put my phone in a snazzy protective case.......a Ziploc baggie! Try not to be overwhelmed by my classiness!  ;) I was thinking it would rain on the run and that would be totally unfortunate if I had no where to put my phone.  I need to actually purchase one of those arm things.  
The Run
7.18 miles
55:53 minutes
7:47 pace/mile
I am trying to show you my matching hair elastic and singlet in the top left pic...lol. I basically have a hair elastic in every colour.  :D 
After my run, I showered and headed out to a sporting goods store in the city where I had a gift card from my students to spend. :) I was really sad about that....not! I left with a new singlet and running shorts.  Thanks grade 5s!!! P.S. Lola liked the outfit very much. 
Don't worry.  I do not plan on wearing these two garments together. ;)

So as it turns out, Lola is petrified of fireworks...or rather, the noise of fireworks.  She heard them over the Canada Day weekend from our neighbours and then moments ago, leaped into my arms when she heard the compost bin cover slam from someone outside.  Take a look: 

I literally took this as I blogged.  :( 
Well, I must go try to walk this little scaredy cat.....I mean dog. 
Run Happy,
Heather :)


  1. Get a gel seat cover for your bike. I got mine at Canadian tire. WAY more comfy!

    1. I will have to take a look at those. The padded one I bought from sport check isn't doing the job, lol

  2. I need to know how you get your pictures to be on different sides and close together. I giggled at the sore butt. LOL

    So jealous of your time off!!!

    1. Hey Courteney,
      I just drag them throughout the text. Sometimes they are 'being difficult' and will not stay though, lol. It's a learning process!

      Just think back to some of our 'therapy sessions' and you'll remember to not be jealous! ;)haha