Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Because You Didn't Already Know Enough About Me......

Welcome to Wednesday!

Wednesday for me means a sorta' longish/challenging run. It's like my butt kicker for the week where I realize, 'hey wait a sec, this running business isn't easy so you'd better work at it.' I usually go far or do hilly routes.  Progress takes work!

Last night I decided to make us Sweet Potato Crisps.  Great choice! ;) 

Sweet potato crisps

  • I chopped one large sweet potato into thin circles {peeled}.
  • Drizzled them with EVOO.
  • Sprinkled them with seasoning, I used an onion type of seasoning along with sea salt.
  • Flip the slices midway through to ensure even cooking.
  • When they were almost done, I finely chopped some green onion to garnish on the top.
  • Bake until desired crispiness.

This morning's run was fueled by oatmeal with berries, and obviously coffee. :)

The Run
Today's run was a 2.5 mile warm up of easy running followed by 5 monster hills! The run home from the hill was a cool down of 2.5 miles for a total of 10 miles.   I've heard that 'hill training is speed work in disguise.' We'll see about that!

10 hilly miles
1:23 minutes
8:19 pace
This is the new asics singlet I got with my gift card yesterday. It is very light weight and even has an Ipod port in the front. I also snapped a pic of my neon key holder. It's perfect if you don't want to hold your keys or have no pocket. :)

Who doesn't love Surveys!?
Okay, Heidi recently added a survey to her blog page Idlehide and it was super fun to answer the questions.  I know, I'm a dork. So, I've dug up a list of questions related to running for you to answer.  Go!

What motivates you to run?
Food! Is there really any other motivation??? Just kidding.  Food & endorphins! ;)

What is your favourite race distance?
26.2  The fully Monty.....I mean Marathon, lol.  There is just something awesome about running the full 26 miles 385 yards with your own legs and feet.  You are reminded of how strong your body really is and what you are capable of. 
What running events have you entered so far this  year?
According to my Visa, too many! Just kidding again....LOL. 
  • Boston Marathon
  • Blue Nose 1/2 Marathon
  • Sole Sisters 5km
  • Johnny Miles Marathon
  • Epic Canadian 5km
  • Bedford 5km to beat Lung Cancer
How often do you run?
5-6 days a week
What types of running-related injuries have you experienced?
Oh goodness:
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Shin splints
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Something weird behind my knee, below my hamstring the week before Boston.  It disappeared at the start line of Boston though... :)
  • Does chaffing count????
What brand of running shoes do you wear?
Asics all the way! Current shoe of choice: Asics 2000s
What are your favourite brands of sports apparel?
I am a fan of flashy attire no doubt.  But my absolute favourite brand in terms of performance is Adidas. I have a pair of black Adidas lightweight running shorts that I've had since 2009. They now look charcoal-ish but I still wear them at most races. I also have three pairs of Adidas capris and two Adidas race singlets. The Boston Marathon Brand is also Adidas, therefore the infamous 'jacket' I've talked so much about is made by them. :)  
Are you likely to travel overnight to run an event?
Yep.  Who doesn't love a good road trip!
What sponsors do you associate with running events?
Nike  and Adidas worldwide.  Tim's and Scotiabank locally! :D

What gets you through the tough final miles of a race/marathon?
I personally focus on the finish. I use visualization of the finish line and seeing Matt there waiting with the spectators cheering.  It's usually in slow motion too, just for the effect.  I also think about how hard I've trained. I feel that 'I've done the homework, and this is the test!'  Also, if we've promised ourselves pizza or something, I imagine how good it will be. :D
Who are your favourite running personalities?
Kara Goucher, Hal Higdon, Eric Gillis, Shalane Flanagan, Meb Keflezighi , Ryan Hall.....Okay, this could go on for a while........

What's your favourite post-race 'reward' food?
Well, Matt and I love Chinese & Pizza post-marathon.  We usually cannot decide.....and get {cough} both.  Unfortunately, nausea keeps us from enjoying our reward food until the next day. :(
How do you use technology including social media related to running?
Ipod, Iphone, Garmin 110, camera and of course, laptop to blog :D
Your turn---Spill!

Hopefully your Wednesday is kicking butt, but not your butt ;)  Thanks for popping in!

Run Happy,
Heather :)


  1. come my answers:

    1) You motivate me more than you'll ever know. Also seeing the time coming down and distances increasing motivate me to keep trying.

    2) Favorite Race Distance: I think the 10k...just long enough to push myself.

    3) Races so far? 3k for Doctors Without Boarders; 5k Bluenose; 5k Soul Sisters; 5k Epic Canadian; 5k Bedford 5k.

    4) How often do I run? 3 times per week

    5) Running Injuries: Recurring IT band issue

    6) Footwear? Kinvara 3's (can't wait for the 4's!) and a new pair by North Face for my longer runs. I do have a pair of New Balance minimals that I use for everyday wear.

    7)Favorite brands: I love the LuLu speed shorts and adidas tanks. I have to say that Old Navy also has cheap gear that fits nicely.

    8)I have never travelled overnight for a race. I'd be nervous I wouldn't sleep properly...but at the same time think a road trip would be fun.

    9)Sponsors? C100, Tim Hortons,

    10)The final miles? Thinking about how good I'll feel when I'm done; that I've worked hard to complete the race; and can't wait for the BLING! I actually can't believe I've done the Navy race 4 times as there is no bling. LOL

    11)Running personalities? I don't know them very well but I have read Dean Karnazes and Kara Goucher's books.

    12)Post-Race food? hmmmm....a Boston Crème donut from Tims.

    13)Technology? I search pinterest daily for motivational quotes and new fitness routines; I follow numerous blogs and live their lives with them; I never leave home without my Garmin, and almost never with my ipod; Atlantic Chip timing is on my internet favorites along with Run Nova Scotia and the Running Room.

    Phew....I think that's it for now. LOL

    1. haha...I giggled about the Navy 10k as I am also guilty! I love bling and will do that race year after year fully knowing I'll leave without

      I think it is great that we can motivate each other....especially on those days where the couch is calling my name or the temperature is just a tad chilly. ;) I remember one training run I was supposed to do early in the spring for the Boston Marathon and you had just blogged while I was sitting in my rocking chair, running gear on. I basically told myself to get out the door....'Courteney is done her run!' Lol. :D

    2. You are my running partner without actually running with me. :-)

  2. Motivation: the improvement in my body. I was so bummed about my post-gymnastics-post-baby body until I started running. Whenever I run up hills and want to quit, I think "but just think how great your butt will look!". LOL And, along with that, food.

    Favorite distance: hm. the 5k makes me feel like I'm improving every time I run it, but the 10k makes me feel proud.

    Races so far: in 2013, Resolution Run, Bunny Hop, Run without Borders, Running Room birthday celebration, Blue Nose, Runway Run, Canada Day.

    How often: 4 times per week

    Injuries: Nothing yet. *Insert knocking on wood and all other superstitions here*

    Shoes: Saucony, because my mom had a pair she didn't like/wear, and they were free. I'll have to get some new ones at some point between now and the PEI half marathon. I might have to win the lottery to do so, however.

    Favorite brands: whatever is on sale or cheap. Most of my running gear is from Frenchy's, or race shirts, walmart or superstore. However, I really covet Heathers blue adidas tights.

    Overnighters: Did it for the Blue Nose. I'd travel to NS or NB for races all the time (only one race has medals here in PEI!!)if it didn't add 45 dollars bridge toll to every trip. They'd have to be over nighter trips, since it would take hours to get there and most races are early.

    Sponsors: Scotiabank sponsors a lot of races... Most of the races I do here on the island are sponsored by random local people/businesses.

    What gets me through: I have no idea. I think I have the worst mental game out there. Usually, I just want to be finished, and I tell myself that the faster I go, the sooner it'll be over. LOL

    Running Personalities: I don't know any famous ones. So, Courteney and Heather. LOL

    Post race food: I usually run in the morning, before having (real) breakfast or coffee. So I'm usually pretty pumped about getting my coffee.

    Technology: I used to use my phone and MapMyRun for pace/distance/etc. Now I use my garmin. I need something for music now, though... oh, and music files to put on it! I also like to blog about my running because it makes me feel that someone out there is reading and rooting for me. I also have a running board on pinterest.

    1. I love reading other people's answers!

      Erin, I have to say that I am also strongly motivated by coffee on the run. Especially on those Winter runs. :)

      I also feel the need to 'knock on wood' when anyone mentions the word "Injury." :S

      Keep running! :)

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