Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Day on the Town

How's everyone doing today? :)
I've been uber busy running around all over the city today.  It seems like when you run out of one thing, you realize you need a zillion other things and those things, are all located at different places. Fun times.
This morning's scheduled run was an easy 3 mile run.  Okay, I feel really antsy running 3 miles....except in a 5k race---then it feels crazy hard!  Therefore, I decided that if I go real easy, I'd do 4 miles and run out to the lake on the trail.  It was a foggy drizzly morning here so the trail pretty much looked like this the whole way:
I liked it though.  It felt like it was My trail. :D  I sometimes feel a little territorial over the trail. It's weird. 
The Run
4.1 miles
32:46 minutes
7:58 pace/mile
The run was pretty uneventful other than the fact that I saw a big brown bunny in the path.  Thumper was too fast for me to get the camera 

A Different Kind of Running, Errands
When I was all showered up I headed out sneaker shopping! :D 
Everyone needs one of these bad boys when they're shopping!
I need slightly more arch support than my Asics 2000s are offering me.  After trying on a few pairs at various sporting stores, I called up Hashem from the mall parkade and he's sending me the Asics Gel Nimbus, for a very modest price :D.  I can't wait to get them! Don't stress, there will be a picture of them in the blog as soon as they arrive!

It turns out I have fairly flat feet with a low arch, that apparently doesn't collapse much when I run....I'm pretty sure the guy checking my feet raised his eyebrow at this, lol. 

When the sneaks were ordered I was Rungry, {see yesterday's post for definition}So I headed to Subway for one of these:
Turkey sub with apparently a lot of green veggies on it!
When I was all done stuffing my face, I headed over to this place:
This is where I bought too many things in packages that are waaaay too big.  :D Don't you love Costco?
There was also a quick stop at the vet and the store where I buy my chicken. Then I was exhausted so I headed home, lol.
And just for cuteness factor, this was Lola flaked out last night on her little bone shaped pillow I gave her for her birthday in May.  <3

Well, I hope  your Thursday has been awesome!  Thanks again for stopping by to visit Girl Goes Running!

Run Happy,
Heather :)

Don't forget, I'm racing in my first 5 mile run on Saturday at the Liverpool Privateer's Road Race!!! Wish me luck :)


  1. I love your running clothes. When I win the lottery, I'm totally going to show you up. LOL

    1. Thanks Erin, if I was crafty like you I could actually make some! ;)

    2. I used to have so much awesome spandex. I'm going to have to invest in some!

  2. Where did you get those shorts....haven't seen those ones before!

    Good luck to you on Saturday...remember to smile for the camera!!

    1. Cleve's! I've been searching for them all summer and even tried to purchase them online :D today I literally stumbled upon them!

    2. Good Luck to you as well! I will probably be holding back vomit when I see the cameras! LOL